REVEALED: The Covert, Organized Effort to Exterminate All Black People

REVEALED: The Covert, Organized Effort to Exterminate All Black People

Scientist Mike Adams is one of the few good guys left who are not funded by government agencies or giant corporations. That is why he is enabled to speak the truth.

Adams recently released a short documentary revealing the systematic plan he discovered to exterminate African-American citizens.

The scientific facts he discloses reveal the liberal concept of “oneness” or everyone being the same regardless of race is a myth. Liberals use this dangerous propaganda to trick blacks into not receiving proper healthcare for their race.

You’ll be shocked to learn how people of different races are biologically different. Just one example is the fact blacks living in the Northern Hemisphere are much more likely to get cancer, and not recover, than white people. This is because black people are (historically) genetically suited for living in Africa. They have high levels of melatonin in their skin. Melatonin blocks UV radiation and the intake of vitamin D, which is important for preventing and curing cancer.

Black people have to spend FAR more time outdoors in the sun than white people to get adequate natural UV radiation. But, instead of acknowledging to African-Americans that there are genetic differences between the races and that in order to live in the northern hemisphere vitamin D supplements are non-negotiable, racist genocidal liberals pretend everybody is a childish unicorn.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Head on over to the next page to hear the 6 shocking points scientist Mike Adams exposes in his stunning new video.

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