Revealed: John Kerry’s Secret Meeting with Palestinian Officals to Undermine President Trump’s Israeli Policy

John Kerry has a lot of moronic things attached to his name. From saying Christians have a duty to protect Muslims from global warming, to destroying the United States reputation abroad during his stint as Secretary of State upon every whim of former Corrupter-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama. But none really topple the latest stupendous thing to slowly exit his gigantic gaping mouth. According to this neoliberal Establishment warmonger, he has a plan to save the poor little Palestinian people from their evil neighboring country of Israel and U.S. foreign policy under current President Donald John Trump.

This corrupt Deep State tool doesn’t just stop at attacking his own country, he also encourages other governments to publicly disparage the U.S. President. Surely leading many to wonder if he should be investigated under the Logan Act for potentially committing treason.

In a recent meeting with Palestinian officials former Secretary of State and failed 2004 Presidential contender John Kerry let an important personal secret out of the bag.

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