Retail War: WalMart Threatens Truckers over Amazon

Retail War: WalMart Threatens Truckers over Amazon

While the free market with firms competing for customers' business is a terrific engine for economic growth and innovation — the best system we've discovered — it's not without some aggressive battles. That's just baked into the cake, and as long as there's no fraud or other illegal tactics employed, the best thing the government can do is stand aside and not foul things up.

We're seeing a pitched battle going on right now between Amazon and Walmart as they are increasingly targeting each others' markets. This has lately been exemplified in the grocery business, an enormous market that Amazon has decided to enter in a big way with its “Prime Pantry” delivery service.

Of course, these retail behemoths consume enormous transportation resources, and they are not reluctant to throw their weight around with the delivery companies as they battle for market share. And that's not the only industry to feel the heat from this intense competition.

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