Republicans Laugh at Ryan As He Puts Faith in Harry Reid

Republicans Laugh at Ryan As He Puts Faith in Harry Reid

You may have read the stories over the past month or so about how well the House is being run by the new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. They say that bipartisanship is at its highest level in recent memory, as bills that have previously resulted in threats of debt default or government shutdown passed with a relative lack of legislative drama. They say that this could be a new era of congressional cooperation.

Well, that's what you get when you pair Dems with RINOs.

After Paul Ryan told his colleges that he had received a “promise” from Harry Reid, many thought the premise was so absurd that it was a joke.

The reason behind their skepticism stems from Harry Reid's long legislative history of back room deals and shady congressional rule-bending. They simply don't trust the man, and perhaps rightly so.

So while Paul Ryan may think that he has made an agreement with the top Democrat in the Senate, his fellow congressman think that that is nothing more than laughable.

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