The Republican Governors Cheering for Trump’s Impeachment

In a media-driven, manic, constantly outraged Leftist world, there's nothing better than to watch as otherwise intelligent and highly trained civil servants who are installed in seats of authority who fall for the same trap every single day; the same trap that is set by the DNC-run Fake News press in every single election cycle.

Many of the savvy Republicans in the country today who run in very Blue districts understand that they are in a precarious situation, especially when it comes to someone as bombastic and successful as President Donald Trump.  The president represents a poison pill for the GOP governors in these special situations because when things are rough for the president (which, let's be honest, is just about every day since he announced his run) things are likely to be as rough for these heads-of-state.

An impeachment inquiry into the president for most of the GOP governors in the country is really just free reelection advertising for that leader because it's the red meat for the base that matters most in any election season.  Yet, for GOP governors walking the Red and Blue political tightrope in very Blue States, the impeachment inquiry is a pill almost too repulsive to swallow.

For GOP governors in those situations, the choices are a) Should I talk about how terribly weak and inconsequential the “evidence” against the president is in this Ukraine phone call in order to call for an impeachment?  Or b) Should I throw the president under the eighteen-wheeler tractor-trailer in the hopes that my fanatical Leftist base will continue to reelect me?  For two Republican governors, at least for now, that choice has become crystal clear.


Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has become the second Republican chief state executive to come out in favor of the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry over President Donald Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Based on the stuff that I’ve read it’s a deeply disturbing situation and circumstance and I think the proper role and responsibility for Congress at this point is to investigate it and get to the bottom of it,” said Baker, before conceding he has yet to read “all of the written materials and allegations that are out there so far.”

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R), a staunch Trump critic, was first to back the impeachment probe, saying in a statement Wednesday the move is “appropriate,” but lawmakers on Capitol Hill must further investigate the matter before reaching a conclusion whether to remove the president.

With that said, it appears that both Baker's and Scott's political canoes have been steered clear of the approaching rapids…at least for now.  As the insane calls for a quicker pace to the process pick up sonance, as Bernie Sanders did just last night on a talk show interview, other governors in similar situations to that of Baker and Scott may just have to assist in the political assault on our president.

Here are the other GOP governors who may just have to abandon principle and clear judgment in order to join the Left in cries for impeachment:

Larry Hogan of Maryland

Chris Sununu of New Hampshire

Now, technically for the Left, Larry Hogan is a slam dunk.  Look for his condemnation of President Trump in the upcoming weeks as this news frenzy of Whistlegate intensifies.  But for Sununu, the path is a little less precarious.  Although New Hampshire voters have gone Blue for the last four election cycles, in 2016, the state was literally split in half, with Hillary winning the state's 4 Electoral Votes by a .3% (that's point-three-percent) edge over Trump.  So, if we're going to be fair, that means that Sununu has a good chance of weathering the storm even if he doesn't make an announcement regarding the president.  However, in 2016, when Trump made an assertion that he believed he won the state based on his anti-opioid stance during the campaign, making remarks to the effect that it was a “drug-infested den” that needed serious help, Sununu was not happy.

“It's disappointing his mischaracterization of this epidemic ignores the great things this state has to offer.  We are already seeing positive signs of our efforts as overdoses and deaths are declining in key parts of the state. In spite of this crisis, New Hampshire remains the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

We'll keep an eye out for that.

Source:  Breitbart



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