Republican Gov. of Mass Mandates First Affirmative Action For LGBT


Nothing says Republican executive order than one that supports an affirmative action business mandate specifically aimed at helping the LGBT community.  Massachusetts Governor, Charles Baker set an “historic precedent will offer other states—and the entire federal government—a replicable framework to promote the intentional inclusion of certified LGBT Business Enterprises into their procurement and contracting codes.”

In a press release, Baker – who in 2010 told the Boston Globe he was “to the left of Barack Obama” on social issues – stated, “We are committed to ensuring diversity as the state engages business suppliers and contractors and are excited about this opportunity to include LGBT, disability and veteran business owners in the state’s network and procurement chain.”

Being gay is not the same as being a veteran or disabled.  For the governor to force taxpayers to provide support to perfectly able bodied homosexuals, in the same manner as someone who is a disabled veteran is duplicitous.

Those who support this executive order see this as a win for their cause.

“This is a huge win for LGBT owned businesses that deserve equal opportunities to bid on contracts with the Commonwealth,” said Sam McClure, senior vice president at NGLCC and one of the architects of the affirmative action supplier initiative. “We are reminded to harness the momentum of this victory to keep fighting for equal dignity and respect for all LGBT citizens as we advocate for similar intentional inclusion orders from coast to coast.”

The counter opinion is that this Governor is pushing an agenda that only a infinitesimal percentage of people support.

“Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s order including homosexual owned businesses in Massachusetts’s Supplier Diversity Program is just one more example of our government being used to promote a narrow ideological agenda at the expense of the taxpayers,” Camenker told “Even his far-left predecessor, Deval Patrick, did not go this far.”

Source: Breitbart

Photo: Boston Globe




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