Reporters Sit During Anthem Because: Neutrality?

Neutrality in press is not a good enough reason to remain sitting during the National Anthem.  Reporters from Brietbart News did stand as the National Anthem played through the speakers, but those who remained seated look like spoiled children not getting their way.

“On this subject, a recent op-ed by Mark Fitzgerald of Editor & Publisher warns journalists that perception is often truth and that the penchant that journalists have for not standing proudly and patriotically during the National Anthem does not help their image any — good advice that will be roundly ignored by journalists the country over,” noted Warner Todd Hutson in 2008 on this topic.

The disconnect is real!  Honoring the country that protects the right to write and speak what one thinks, as well the right to not stand, is not being un-neutral, but rather it is giving recognition to the country that allows disrespect for the flag.  Recognize the blessing to be disrespectful and at least stand in honor of that!

Source: Breitbart



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