Report: VP Pence Leading the Coup Against President Trump

According to the acclaimed independent journalist Mike Cernovich, who broke the Susan Rice unmasking story, Mike Pence is leading the coup against President Trump.

Mike Cernovich recorded his incriminating case against Vice President Mike Pence and the establishment coup working to take down the president this afternoon. Scroll down to view the video. It is a ‘must watch!

“The pro-Trump super-pacs are being run by Pence. The New York Times got something right.

Everybody I knew said Bannon is out. And this time it is different.” There is a big meeting about the surge in Afghanistan.

The deep state believes surge only credible option for Afghanistan. There is going to be this fake debate. That is why they wanted Bannon out. There is going to be pro and cons. There is a big meeting in Camp David about the Afghanistan plan, but it is a fake debate. All of the lines rehearsed and scripted.

And there are going to be presenting all of these plans. But it is all rigged. That is why they needed Bannon out. This is Pence cue. They are already counting votes for impeachment. This is a full on coup Mike Pence meet with Mitt Romney, he is part of the coup. These super pacs are part of the cough. Why do you think I don’t work with any of these pro-Trump super pacs?

The super pacs are actually being used for Mike Pence. They aren’t actually Trump super pacs. Here is what Mike Pence and Mitt Romney don’t know. It’s a losing issue for the democrats. If you look at the polling data this is a losing battle for the democrats. They are walking into an ambush. They are going to be destroyed. Bannon was definitely not the leaker. You don’t know what you think you knows. They will be destroyed this is a losing battle.

The democrats are walking into a major ambush over these statues. People view it as an attack on heritage and history. The traditional GOP doesn't really understand that the statue is bad issue and calling out the alt-left. They don’t actually understand this, so because of this the Republicans are trying to get him out, and they are counting votes and it's a full on coup”

If this is all true, how could this have happened? What does the Deep State have on Pence? Is the Deep State giving Pence some sort of an ultimatum or is it just that Pence values his life and knows far too well the inside workings of Washington?

UPDATE: At 4:18 Cernovich predicted Trump would flip flop on Afghanistan, which has now come to pass.

Here's the video:



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