Report: Someone is Handing Out Cash to Migrants Headed to U.S.

President Trump tweeted a video out on Thursday depicting what appears to be a large sum of money being handed out to people in a Spanish-speaking country. Trump captioned with: “Can you believe this, and what Democrats are allowing to be done to our Country?”

The video was originally tweeted out by Florida representative Matt Gaetz on Wednesday. Gaetz floated the idea in his tweet that either a U.S. NGO or George Soros was behind the payments.

It's no surprise that Trump retweeted the video and laid blame with the Left. Who else would be handing these migrants cash? George Soros openly admits he's against any national borders and his extensive open borders network was just exposed in Italy.

George Soros has even developed an illegal app that helps migrants avoid arrest. Federal money was used to fund it!

He has openly admitted to putting $500 million for migrants.




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