Report: Sex Trafficking Victim Had RFID Microchip

Report: Sex Trafficking Victim Had RFID Microchip

While most sit around gossiping on social media about the actions of slave owners 150 years ago, we are out trying to stop REAL PRESENT DAY slavery attacking our nation. And our reports show a terrifying new technological trend working to keep these victims in virtual chains.

Sex trafficking isn’t some despicable slave trade happening in 3rd world countries. It happens right here in the U.S. And more often than not it happens right in the plain light of day. You don’t have to be smuggled out of the country or even to a different city necessary to be trafficked.

“Very plainly, human trafficking is when one person takes advantage of another person for some profit,” said Katherine Chon, director of the newly created Office on Trafficking in Persons at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Here is the kicker we’ve been overlooking far too long in this fight against slavery. 87% of trafficking victims here in the U.S. have had some contact with medical health professionals during their captivity. As more measures started to be put into place to equip medical staff to be on alert a disturbing trend emerged, microchipping. Learn more on the scope of this microchipping/sex trafficking phenomenon, how doctors are responding, and personal physician testimonies, all on the next page

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