Report: Seth Rich Partied with Imran Awan Just Hours Before His Murder

Report: Seth Rich Partied with Imran Awan Just Hours Before His Murder

The Seth Rich story just keeps getting bigger and more intriguing. With a slew of Internet and alternative news sleuths working 24/7 on this case, it’s certainly not going to go away anytime soon.

Seth Rich, as many of you know by now, was the DNC staffer who was walking home last year at four in the morning when someone approached him on the street and shot him.  Despite wearing an expensive wrist watch, carrying a wallet full of credit cards and cash, and had a phone, he was not robbed.  Even so, Capitol police insisted that it was a botched robbery attempt.

The young man was on the phone with his father when he told him he was headed home and his dad told him to be careful.  Not long after, he was on the phone with his girlfriend when he told her in mid-conversation, “Hold on a minute.  I’ll call you back.”  That was the last that anyone heard from him.  This last bit seems to indicate that he knew the person who approached him and did not think he was in mortal danger.

After three shots, he was down on the crosswalk in the street.  Miraculously, reports claim that he was still alive when the police arrived at the scene and actually walked to the ambulance with some assistance.  Later at the hospital, he died.

The laptop that he had used to communicate with WikiLeaks after learning about the DNC’s scheme to screw Bernie Sanders out of the nomination in favor of Hillary Clinton through the clandestine efforts of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other top Democrats, was confiscated by police and examined by the FBI before being put into evidence.  FBI reports state positively that Rich had contacted a man in London who worked for WikiLeaks to whom he had passed along thousands of email communications from the DNC.

Yet, Rich’s parents, the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Capitol police chief, even the mayor of the Swamp, Muriel Elizabeth Bowser (who is a member of the Democrat Party) all insisted that the Seth Rich murder was a simple robbery and everyone asking questions should back off!

What if we found yet another reason to doubt the robbery narrative?  What if a Muslim man from Pakistan who was working IT for the Democrat Party and particularly doing a lot of work for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, was there on the night of the murder?  Curious?  Read more on the following page!

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