Report: Romney Advisor Sits on Burisma Board

Report: Romney Advisor Sits on Burisma Board


While Senator Mitt Romney postures by voting for President Trump's conviction in the now failed impeachment hoax, his former advisor has been serving on the Board of Directors for Burisma Holdings Limited.

Cofer Black, a CIA officer with an allegedly storied career, has been serving with Burisma Holdings allegedly for his security and cybersecurity expertise.

Amazingly, Cofer Black's “security expertise” saw nothing wrong with the cocaine-addicted, serial baby-daddy adulterer Hunter Biden sitting in on the company's most important decisions.

Is it merely a coincidence that a Romney confidant and Vice-President Joe Biden's coke-head son work together both for Burisma and against President Trump?

How can a man as supposedly sharp as Cofer Black, sit quietly on the board of a strategic ally and never point out the danger of a serial baby-daddy adulterer drug addict serving there? Turn the page.

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