REPORT: Possible UN Chopper Convoy Flying Over Washington State

UN helicopters are indeed white, and according to All News Pipeline, the second video is likely of United Nations Choppers:

The 2nd video also shows 7 choppers over Washington state from a different source and from the word we have gotten from a retired US Navy SEAL source, they ARE likely United Nations choppers. With bothChina and Russia high ranking UN Security Council members, we echo the words of Libertys Champion in the 2nd video: This “is not normal and seems very out of place to me.”

unwhch.jpeg  unwhcho.jpeg

While we cannot confirm that the chopper convoy seen in these videos are made up of United Nations helicopters, we point you to theSeattle, Washington chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States of America. Coincidentally, or not, they were holding a board meeting on June 10th, the same day that the videos below were both taken.

Photo: United Nations Photo

There appears to be a likelihood that these were UN choppers, possibly present alongside the UN board meeting that occurred on June 10th. But board meeting or not, there is absolutely no reason United Nations helicopters should be flying over American airspace like this for any reason.

These two screenshots are from 2nd video and appear to show white helicopters in this convoy. Do they look white to you?



The video screenshot below from 1st video seems to show the choppers as white rather than black or another color.


From this viewpoint, they look black to us but judging by the reactions of those who saw the procession in person, the choppers were white, and certainly Apache style. Thoughts from US Veterans and military members?





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