Report: North Korea Conducts ‘Water Attack’ on South Korea

Hwanggang dam
north korea flood gates

Just 26 miles from the Demilitarized Zone and the South Korean border, there’s a North Korean dam on in Imjin River. The Hwanggang Dam was opened in 2007 to provide hydroelectric power and water for crop irrigation.

According to a report by radio talk show host Hal Turner of WBCQ, the North Korean government has opened the floodgates of the dam, raising fears that the additional flow into the Imjin River, which the two countries share, will cause the river to overflow its banks and flood parts of South Korea.

In 2009, the North Korean government pulled a similar stunt, and drowned six South Korean campers when it opened a series of floodgates at the Hwanggang Dam unannounced. After that, Pyongyang promised it would warn the South when it planned to release dam water.”

Like so many other North Korean promises, this one was broken. No prior warning was given. Now South Korea is evacuating residents who live along the river.

The Hwanggang Dam has the capacity to hold 400,000,000 short tons of water. In the 2009 release, it’s believed 40,000,000 short tons were dumped into South Korea.

The South Korean government now believes that Pyongyang is deliberately targeting the South with a water attack.  They believe this is being done as retaliation for the beginning of annual military drills between South Korea and the United States.”

According to NK News, the North Korean government also conducted ‘water attack’ in July of 2016:

North Korea began releasing large amounts of water from its Hwanggang dam, located at Imjin River early on Tuesday morning.

South Korea media reported the release was “abruptly” started on Wednesday morning,  raising concern of a North Korean “water attack” (Su-gong) aimed at flooding parts of Seoul, though the claims are inconsistent with government data.

Numerous media outlets, including Yonhap News Agency quoted an anonymous military source and reported that North Korea began releasing water at around 6am on Wednesday. But South Korean government has refused to confirm or deny the report.

North Korea obviously loves to threaten South Korea and can kill many it seems if they go full board with a water attack from the Hwanggang Dam. Right now it seems they are just enjoying being a petulant child, anything more than what they are doing now would be an act of war.

South Korean military spokesmen believe that if North Korea wants to improve the dialogue between the countries, it should be able to cooperate on a minor item like a release of water from the dam.

While the North Koreans move ahead full bore with fulfilling their nuclear and ICBM ambitions, they’re not above using water as a weapon either.

Source: Hal Turner Radio Show, NK News



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