Report: Muslim Immigrants with Multiple Wives Draw Welfare and Drive Expensive Cars

Imagine a people from a foreign land arriving on our shores in numbers. These people are from a very different culture with laws and practices that are inconsistent with those of our nation. Not only are they unwilling to assimilate as previous waves of immigrants have, but they remain hostile to America and its culture and laws.

At the same time, they are quite willing to accept various forms of welfare including food and healthcare benefits. With their multiple wives, for example, they are aready in violation of the law, and they compound that be claiming some of their wives to be extended family and getting government benefits for them as well. The refuse to learn English, and demand that the public schools prepare meals consistent with their culture and religion.

Welcome to Dearborn, Michigan.

Dennis Michel Lynch is a journalist who recently made a video of his visit to Dearborn that illustrated what has just been described above. With over two million views, it is obvious that Mr. Lynch is making an enormous impact.

Watch the short video below and see what uncontrolled immigration coupled with bad policy hatched in the minds of those on the left have in store for a city near you.

Source: Dennis Michael Lynch



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