Report: John McCain, Judas of the POW/MIA Movement

For far too long, POW/MIA groups have been charging that Washington has been hiding a dire and ugly truth about American servicemen that were left behind in the Indochina regions.  According to them, the Pentagon has been reiterating a great lie about the supposed return of ALL the POWs/MIAs from that corner of the world, when in fact more than 600 soldiers and airmen were left to die in prison camps or were summarily executed because their lives were no longer valuable to those governments.

One man has been behind this massive effort to hide this truth and is the person who, at this very moment, chooses to continue a path of destruction and obstruction of a Trump agenda that seeks to keep Americans safe.

Turn the page to discover the liar, the traitor, and the Machiavellian leader of the effort to make the truth about our POWs and MIAs disappear forever!




  1. Ralph I Coffman

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