Report: IP Address Reveals Maxine Waters’ Office Doxxed GOP Senators

National Security expert David Reaboi claims that the IP addresses that doxxed Republican Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham point to Maxine Waters!

After further investigation, Tokes backed Reaboi's claim:

It appears 4plebs found the culprit and she works in Maxine Waters’s office.

That much is in Wikipedia (

From there, a google search reveals that this IP address posted a comment on AUGUST 22, 2018. Very recently:

Kathleen Sengstock, a staffer for Maxine waters, posted from this IP.

So, one of Maxine Waters’ staffers has posted from that IP. I’m not sure how subnetting works in the House of Reps. But I would assume that for security purposes each rep would get their own router. Can anyone confirm? Continuing to search.

The 4plebs users then appear to agree that the IP address came from Waters’s office but may not be from Sengstock.

Water denied the claims:

Source: The Gateway Pundit




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