Report: How Your Mind is Manipulated with Astroturfing

Most organizations and companies don’t want you to know they’re trying to control what you think. Astroturfing is the term used to describe this brainwashing.

That is why men like George Soros utilize astroturfing ad infinitum. It helps them trick people into thinking a ‘crazy idea’ is actually okay and mainstream.

Say you were to Google something like “are all white people racist?” Thousands of articles will show up at the top claiming all white people know they have an “invisible knapsack” and anybody who thinks differently is a racist.

They make it look like tons of people are saying the same thing. But in reality, these new-fangled ideas can all be traced back to several organizations actively brainwashing the masses through the internet.

Head on over to the next page to find out the top 5 indicators of astroturfing. How do you know if you’re reading real information or corporate propaganda?

The CDC is one of the major government organizations engaged in these dangerous tactics. Your very health might be at stake.




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