Report: How North Korea Managed to Rapidly Advance Their Missile Program

Report: How North Korea Managed to Rapidly Advance Their Missile Program

A few years ago, when the Ukraine was being attacked by Russians in a passive-aggressive way, the Obama administration decided to issue a very sternly worded “You'd better not!”  Then when the Russians did, they issued another warning, “Oh, no, you didn't!”

Finally, when they fixed the elections in Crimea so that the very valuable piece of real estate on the Black Sea could be annexed, the Russians pulled out most of their forces from Ukraine.  The Obama regime issued their next statement:  “That's right, you'd better back off!”

At that time, it was perceived by the US intelligence community that the Ukraine were valuable allies and that they needed as much support from the US as possible.  But did they receive it?  It looks as if Obama abandoned Ukraine nearly as quickly as he abandoned a spending freeze in Congress.

Needless to say, Ukraine, feeling abandoned by the United States, and no longer creating missile engines for the Russians, began delving into other potential markets.  Although their website says otherwise, one of the most prolific missile making factories called Yuzhmash began training foreign nationals.  As it turns out, they may have been supplying the very nation that the Fake News Industrial Complex claims is a civilized country being threatened and bullied by Donald Trump.

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