Report: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Master Plan’ to Win the Presidency in 2020

An article by Political columnist Tony Elliott titled, Hillary Clinton Is Running For President, Again РAnd Nobody Knows It, claims that Hillary has a very devious plan to win the White House.

As it is now, the fake polls show Joe Biden as the front runner for the Democrat presidential nomination, ahead of Bernie Sanders and Beto O'Rourke.

With the help of leftover Obama people still in government and a slew of people in office to whom Clinton has connections, she hopes to eliminate Biden's Democratic opposition the same way she eliminated Bernie Sanders during her 2016 presidential bid. Thus, we can expect Sanders to give up the race. O'Rourke is already on a downward spiral since he does not seem to have a clear message of what he would do for the American people, once he is elected president.

After all of the political maneuvering and dirty dealings are said and done, Biden will be the clear choice for the nomination at the DNC. Once Biden has the nomination locked in, he will then announce Hillary Clinton as his running mate for vice president.

After a few months in office, Biden will announce that he is resigning as POTUS, citing health concerns, and will hand the presidency to his vice president, Hillary Clinton.

Thus, Biden is not running for president because he wants to be president, he is only in the race to ultimately get Hillary Clinton in the White House. Clinton knows she cannot win presidential elections on her own since losing both times she has run. Even with all the cheating such as ballot rigging, having millions of illegal aliens vote for her, ballot harvesting, and actually having the Obama DHS try to fix electronic ballots in her favor, she still lost the 2016 general election. Even some Electoral College voters could not bring themselves to cast their votes for Clinton in 16.

The reasons behind such an elaborate scheme to get Clinton into office is because the New World Order of globalist neo-Nazis have to have her become president to assure the USA tosses its independence as a sovereign constitutional nation for an ultimate Union of Nations which would include Canada, Mexico, and Central American nations.

It goes without saying that Biden must win the election first. As it stands now, President Trump looks to win in a landslide, leaving the Deep State with only one option to put Biden in the White House, and not an option I care to say outright. If there ever was a time to pray for your President and your country, that time is now.

Source: FreedomOutpost

Image: SputnikNews


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