Report: Guccifer Was Paid by the Obama White House to be DNC’s Fall Guy

We already know the story of the Romanian hacker, Marcel-Lehel Lazar, better known as Guccifer 2.0.  He was the man responsible for the DNC hacking into the Podesta emails, the Wasserman-Schultz communiques, and rumored to have broken into Hillary Clinton's email accounts not once, but twice, and found information there to be of no interest.  Also, there was the side note where he claimed to have information “too hot” and “too Classified” to be pushed around the internet, therefore he copied and hid it away for possible later use.  These were his words, meaning Marcel-Lehel Lazar.

Lazar currently sits in prison in Alexandria, Virginia.  After beginning his seven-year sentence in Romania, the United States requested his extradition for his trial.  In April of last year, he arrived in the US and later agreed to a plea deal that ended with him being sentenced to four and a half years in the United States.  Since then, Romania has requested that he be returned to that country to serve out the rest of his sentence, after which time they will return him to the US.  At this time, he remains in this country.

In May of last year, only one month after arriving here, he claimed to have broken into Hillary Clinton's illegal server on two different occasions and claimed that it was easy.  DNC officials quickly downplayed the claims and said that if he had, he would have posted information already, just as he had Sidney Blumenthal's emails.  He answered that charge saying that he had already given the information over to WikiLeaks via Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was found dead in a “botched robbery attempt” last year.

New information has come to light that Guccifer may not have been the author of any of the information posted under his pseudonym, but was produced by someone who worked for the DNC itself!  Even more intriguing is that the information originally authored by a DNC staffer was refurbished and republished by another Washington insider:  an IT aide to President Barack Hussein Obama at the White House!

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