Report: DNC Robbed Bernie Sanders of 184 Delegates

Report: DNC Robbed Bernie Sanders of 184 Delegates

It shouldn't be a surprise at this point, but in the eyes of a major election watchdog, the Democratic National Committee has committed major violations of voters' rights during the party's primaries.

Sharing it's findings in a new, comprehensive report, Election Justice USA examined party practices and activity during the past primary season. As they explain towards the end of the document, the organization claims that it has found evidence that the DNC targeted voters for suppression, meddled with registration when convenient, purged voters rolls without proper justification, tampered with voting machines and their security, and left exit polling discrepancies unaccounted for.

Taking all this tampering into account, Election Justice estimates that Bernie Sanders lost as many as 184 delegates that he otherwise would have received had the primaries been run fairly. This number is especially significant because had Sanders been awarded that many delegates (and had the same number been taken out of Hillary Clinton's total), there would have been more than a chance for the senator from Vermont to challenge Clinton at the Democratic convention.

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