Report: Antifa Militants Planning to Take Over More Seattle Neighbourhoods

The tipping point that would cause the President to bring the U.S. military to bear on the situation in Seattle might be what Antifa reportedly has planned: the takeover of more neighborhoods.

Democrats and the media are doing all they can to downplay Antifa’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle:

  • Washington Gov. Jay Inslee described the scene on Thursday as “unpermitted,” but “largely peaceful.”
  • Local news channel KOMO-TV, a CNN affiliate, reported that demonstrations remained peaceful on Wednesday, and featured music, dancing, and a movie screening.
  • The New York Times, which had a reporter on the ground, described the occupied area as “part street festival, part commune.”
  • “Hundreds have gathered to hear speeches, poetry and music,” Mike Baker, a Pacific Northwest correspondent for The Times, reported. “On Tuesday night, dozens of people sat in the middle of an intersection to watch ’13th,’ the Ava DuVernay film about the criminal justice system’s impact on African-Americans. On Wednesday, children made chalk drawings in the middle of the street.”

Gov. Inslee’s initial reaction was to tell reporters, in between chuckles, that he was not aware of the situation. As expected, Inslee took the side of the anarchists and fired back at Trump.

Is the newly created ‘utopia’ by Antifa and BLM really peaceful? Not according to Seattle’s police chief. Turn the page for more.




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