Reid: Bundy Supporters Are “Domestic Terrorists”

Reid: Bundy Supporters Are “Domestic Terrorists”

Senator Harry Reid called supporters of Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” this week.

Bundy replied, “Talk about terrorists. It seemed like the people who were holding those high-powered weapons against we the people of the stateof Nevada and visiting neighbors, they had to be the terrorists.”

Bundy is, of course, correct. Reid and his son are behind the highly militarized assault on this man’s ‘cattle’ and it’s now know the Reids are working with the Chinese in behind-the-scenes business dealings regarding the land. Reid sent in an army against a rancher for his personal interests..yet the protestors are labeled the terrorists.

This is a pretty straight-forward strategy used by political criminals: blame any opposition in your way of the same crimes you are committing, using the media to gain support of your version of the events.

Another old strategy is ‘divide and conquer’, which is being used right now to forge a coming civil war. Conservatives are more and more being labeled ‘terrorists’. Anyone who opposes the government is being labeled a terrorist. And Americans on the other side, liberals and communist sympathizers, are going to be used as snitches and whatnot to help the communists gain and maintain control.

Old strategies used in Marxist takeovers. But who learns from history these days?




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