Why Are Refugees Invading Europe Now?

The Price is Right!

The number of refugees heading for Europe surged this summer because the price of travel dropped tenfold. Last year human traffickers charged $10,000-$12,000 per person. Now refugees say they pay $1,250 for the trip. Perhaps it is a volume discount.

Another reason is that rumors and misleading news reports about the situation in Europe can spread quickly and give hope of a generous reception. The invasion does not yet know that the Europeans now know that they made a bad decision. The rush is on to see who can build the biggest, baddest, longest, highest, most secure fence in the euro zone.

Source: Euro News

And on their journey way, few have reliable access to information that they are no longer welcome: they cannot charge their batteries, or connect to the internet.

From the southern border with Iraq and Syria, at the Aegean Coast and up to the Greek border Turkey’s boundaries are porous. The most widely recognized truth is that only by solving the problems of Syria so that people will prefer to stay home, can the situation ever be satisfactorily contained. Until then more people will flow and there is little the Turkish authorities at least can do about it. However, Poland, Hungary, and a host of others are defying the lofty Euro Union authorities and clamping down on their borders. Militia have been called out. Orders to stop the invasion by any means necessary have been issued.

And Obama still wants 100,000 of these people here.

We are counting down the days to his end in office…


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