Refugee Rape Rampage Continues…Now in France


Breitbart reports that Milad, a 22 year old girl from Aleppo has told how she only leaves her tent in the camp only twice a day and only to use the bathroom. She is a law student seeking to land in London to complete her studies. In Calais, she has been accompanied on her trip by her uncle Yasser; the pair take turns sleeping so they can keep watch for potential aggressors.

“I sleep and eat here, and I’m surrounded by men,” she said. “The people living next to us are Syrian, but we don’t know the people living in the rest of the camp, they’re from other countries. They speak different languages and have different cultures. We don’t know anything about them, so we’re scared and have to be on our guard.”

According to the Jersey Evening Post, the ethnic makeup of the camp is about 35 percent Sudanese, 30 percent from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, 25 percent from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, 5 percent Syrians and 5 percent from North Africa, with a handful of eastern Europeans.

Source: Breitbart

Photo: Eric Lafforgue

Next to the Jungle is ‘La Vie Active’ refuge, set up seven months ago to house women and their children. Currently home to 115 women and children, a further 80 are on the waiting list for beds, with priority given to women who have children with them. Most of the inhabitants are from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan.

Carine Zerouali, manager the refuge makes certain the gates are always locked to protect the women and children who live there.







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