Refugee Brags About Horrific Gang Rape of German Girl

How is it, that a “religion of peace” can coexist and accept the rape of a young girl?  Sharia law insists on death for adultery and acts of homosexuality, yet if one rapes a woman, the perpetrator is stoned if the perpetrator is married, and one hundred lashes and banishment for one year if he is not married.  There is no justice or retribution for the poor female forever maimed by a sexual predator.

So for this crime, because these men appear to be “unmarried” they would get one hundred lashes and banishment. THAT'S IT!

The bragging animal boasts, “He deflowered her.  She was a virgin. You must imagine that, a virgin!  And of course she was fighting back.”

In the footage below, a Muslim refugee in Germany, brags about how he and his buddies gang raped a virgin until she was “full of dirt and sperm” and “completely devastated” on the ground until “she could go on no more”. His friend is very interested in the details, but is visibly disappointed because they did not violate her anally. They did, however, “spit on her like pigs”.


Source: Universal Free Press





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