Real ID Act Will Force Citizens To Obtain Passports To Travel Domestically

Reports state:

The Department of Homeland Security and representatives with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection have declined to comment on why certain states have been singled out, but starting in 2016, residents of New York, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and American Samoa will need a passport to fly domestically. All other states will still be able to use their state-issued driver’s licenses and IDs — for now, at least.

The Real ID act has been controversial since its initial proposal over ten years ago and is seen by many as a massive violation of privacy. One of the primary reasons it has taken the government so long to roll this program out is that the program is wildly unpopular and creates heavy backlash every time it appears in the news.

The end game seems to be pushing citizens toward enhanced ID card which would create a data base with all information, from state resident status to medical records to employer status.  Real ID is opposed by those on the far left as too intrusive, and also by some on the right, feeling it gives the government too much information that may be used for “other purposes” under a national emergency situation.

Source: Anti Media



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