Reaganomics Architect Warns of Impending White Genocide

Paul Craig Roberts is the creator of Reaganomics and chairman of the Institute for Political Economy. He believes that economics can predict when a genocide is about to happen. Furthermore, he warns that another holocaust is on the horizon. And much like the Jewish people in the Weimar Republic during the years leading up to the rise of the NAZI’s, few see it coming.

The Jewish people were economically shunned and propaganda outlets went wild running the news that Jewish people had “privilege” and an economically unfair advantage. In other words, this is much akin to the stereotype of the “invisible knapsack” all whites today are told they wear. Much as latter on all the Jewish people were forced to wear the ‘Star of David’. 

It is a paradox but white/liberal/progressive/leftists are marching their way down the path to their own destruction with Identity Politics.

Head on over to the next page to learn when Roberts predicts this genocide will breakout based on historical economic trajectories.




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