Raven Symoné: The Bible is to Blame for People not Trusting Hillary Clinton

Symone Not a Logic Queen

Hillary Clinton has shown in a thousand ways why no one trusts her, or should. There is currently a long list of women who were sexually abused or assaulted by husband Bill Clinton over the years, and who were then further defamed, threatened, and publicly humiliated by Hillary.

She called families who lost loved ones at Benghazi liars and insisted that she was the only one telling the truth, even though the stories about their meetings with Hillary and what she said all line up. And her lies about the private email server are so egregious that the FBI is investigating and may be on the verge of indicting her.

This truly is Biblical stuff, but it is the type of behavior that the Good Book deplores and God punishes folks for doing. But what does Symone conclude when reviewing all the evidence about Hillary’s penchant for fabricating virtually everything she says?

“I have a problem with everybody still saying that she’s untrustworthy,” said Raven-Symoné of the former Secretary of State. “I feel like there’s this stigma since the beginning of [the] human race that a woman is untrustworthy. It starts in the Bible.”

The co-host then dismissed the show’s other panelists, who suggested Clinton’s ongoing email scandal might be partially responsible for Clinton’s being viewed as dishonest or untrustworthy.

Raven-Symoné said, “She’s explained many times what the situation was and why they’re coming after her … I think that’s a problem; get over it already.”

The reasoning is impeccable, it all has to do with Adam and Eve and an apple and a snake. The snake may be apt in the case of Hillary Clinton, but beyond that one would have to conclude she is someone you should never trust or believe or turn your back on. I’m guessing that Symone does not have a close relationship with the Bible and what is contained therein.

The sad truth is that Clinton may even become the president of the United States because of thick-as-a-brick voters like Symone. Worse still, this strange and clueless woman on The View has real influence, and her comments will sway others. Or at least that is true with the two dozen or so mentally impaired women who actually watched the show.

Source: breitbart.com




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