Rapper’s Ankle Monitor Goes Off Right After Obama Speech At White House Event

If young black people want to stay out of jail, they should stop doing things that'll get them arrested. It's like that old saying about people who can't swim. They don't want to drown, so they stay out of the water.

“My Brother’s Keeper” has six milestones for its followers — getting a healthy start, reading at grade level by the third grade, graduating from high school ready for college or career, completing postsecondary training, entering the workforce and keeping young adults on track and giving them second chances.

“That’s what ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is all about,” Obama said in 2014.

This was the same rapper who wrote a song about assassinating Donald Trump. Does the DOJ go after him? Of course not – he gets an invitation to the White House!

So much of President Obama's time in office has revolved around creating racial divide in America. As for Rick Ross, he's not exactly the best role model for young black people, as demonstrated by his ankle monitor.

Source: dailycaller.com




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