Rape Victim Called Racist for Identifying Attackers

Rape Victim Called Racist for Identifying Attackers

A Cologne woman who came forward to offer her account of being sexually assaulted on New Year's Eve is being attacked a second time. A Internet video surfaced giving out her identity and suggested her of her attack was Islamophobic.

What is infuriating about this isn't the usual Leftist criticism that disapproving of open-border immigration policies is racist, but how much more insidiously hypocritical it is. When women come forward with stories of sexual assault in this country, the social justice warriors are quick to leap to their defense. But now this poor woman's story is not only being trivialized, she's being called bigoted simply for stating the facts as she experienced them.

What's at stake here isn't just the shifting of German national identity, which can be fairly debated, but that this cultural shift is now trying to deny private citizens from safely coming forward to recount a criminal act on no other basis than it's a White woman saying “Southern looking” men with “dark skin” assaulted her.

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