Rangel: The Republican Party Created The Ku Klux Klan

Rangel: The Republican Party Created The Ku Klux Klan

Charlie Rangel is a crook and a cheat. In 2008 he was charged by the House of Representatives Ethics committee, and found guilty on eleven counts, including not reporting rental income and income tax improprieties. He was removed from the Ways and Means committee as a result, which directs how money is spent by the government. But he has been a loud-mouth and a divisive, partisan hack since his earliest days in the House, but it seems that his style and ethics are to the liking of the Democrat party and his New York constituents, and he is the second longest serving member in the House.

Never short on opinions, he suggests that the financial recovery under Barack Obama has not been strong enough or fast enough (true), but his answer is to expand the meme of “social justice” which generally means more welfare, reparations for slavery, and whole host of other giveaways to his African-American supporters. In the video on the next page Rangel also shows how challenged he is with actual U.S. history, and it is clear that many of his positions are founded on ignorance of the facts.

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