Rand Paul: Ebola Is ‘Incredibly Contagious’, Transmittable 3 Feet Away

Sen. Rand Paul recently told a group of college students that Ebola is ‘incredibly contagious' and can be spread by persons standing only 3 feet away from each other and that medical professionals are getting the disease ‘fully gowned'.

This being the case one can easily see that our government is actively deceiving us. Of course, Obama is intent on destroying this country and a pandemic would certainly go a long way to giving him the power he needs to lock down this country.

Obama isn't even instituting a travel ban commercial airlines for people coming in from West African countries that are infected with the virus.

The reason they give is that it would interfere with getting personnel into West Africa to battle the disease. So the government doesn't have it's own planes to get medical professionals and supplies into West Africa?

One would think that the seriousness of the threat would be responded to with the full resources of the United States government.



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