Rand Paul Claims Obama Administration Likely Spied On His Presidential Campaign

The senator claims that “numerous sources” have come forward to tell him about the spying, which he clearly sees as a danger to our democratic republic. Paul is particularly disturbed that some “specific aspects” of a private conversation he had with then President Barack Obama had been shared with other people.

There’s a lot of things to be found out, particularly since we found out that Susan Rice was unmasking people and we need to know was there a political motivation, because one of the real dangers in a free society is if government gets so powerful it’s listening to all of our phone calls, the possibility of extortion, the possibility of blackmail — all of that goes up exponentially.”

In related news, former National Security Adviser Rice Rice declined an invitation from Senator Lindsay Graham to appear before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee last Monday to testify on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

Last month, news reports surfaced that Rice had requested the unmasking of Trump campaign officials in intelligence reports. While not denying she did so, she claims she did nothing illegal or “untoward.”

Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to step down after a private conversation he had with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kisylak was leaked to the Washington Post. This is very very worrisome, and what we’ve allowed to happen, Paul said.”

Paul will keep the pressure on the Trump administration and congressional intelligence committees to get to the bottom of the matter and focus more attention on the serious constitutional issues raised by NSA surveillance of Americans without proper warrants.

I think it’s especially egregious if it’s happening to another branch of government, that one branch of government is spying on the other branch of government and you don’t really have checks and balances.”

Paul emphatically supports the claims of President Trump that he, his presidential campaign and then his transition team were subjected to improper surveillance by the Obama administration for political purposes.

Source: Breitbart





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