How Radical Islamists Slip Through America’s Broken Visa System

How Radical Islamists Slip Through America’s Broken Visa System

The Hayride has come out with a shocking report about America's visa system.

After documenting the negative impact illegal immigration has on the economy and shortcomings of the government's screening process for incoming refugees, the site has uncovered major failures in the ability of immigration authorities to adequately verify the identity of the people admitted into the country.

In fact, the report quotes the Immigration and Naturalization Service as saying that the staggering amount of visas given out each year makes checking the background of each applicant impossible. This is an especially troubling revelation, particularly when one considers that all of the 9/11 hijackers entered the nation through the visa system, with two of them even overstaying theirs without being apprehend by law enforcement.

Not only does the INS lack the ability to do background checks on visa applicants, it can't even keep track of the people coming into the country, putting Americans further at risk.

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