Quoting the Bible Becomes Illegal in Cincinnati

Quoting the Bible Becomes Illegal in Cincinnati

Flag burning is protected free speech. Bars with nude dancers frolicking around a stripper pole are a form of protected free speech. Artwork depicting holy figures made out of dung, or crucifixes dipped in urine are a form of artistic speech that is highly offensive, but protected.

It seems that Liberals believe that anything that offends the religious or denigrates their closely held and respected symbols is just fine, and that the religious should just shut up and accept that the right of speech is to be held inviolate, so important is that concept to our free society. Except that is not the case when the shoe is on the other foot.

In the last few decades, the sexual libertines and the sexually deviant have demanded rights and interpreted laws that have turned the concept of a decent society upside down. The Christian baker who chooses not to celebrate the wedding of two middle aged homosexual men is sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars, not for any overt act against the couple, but for choosing not to bake a cake to celebrate a union that he feels is immoral and contrary to his religious beliefs.

There are plenty of other bakers who could fill the bill, but this man must be punished for his intolerant thought! The Christian photographer who decides not photograph the nuptials of a lesbian couple can lose her business and be fined into poverty.  She must be taught to submit and accept, no matter how deviant the act or how cruel the punishment. For the baker, the photographer, and a host of other Christians who try to conform their lives to their religious beliefs, the ability of the tyrannical Left to force them to violate their cherished beliefs and ethics is unbelievable, and the misreading and abuse of the law to force them to do so is outrageous.

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