Qatar Reveals: Obama Admin & Clinton State Dept Funded Terror in Syria

The small nation of Qatar and the large nation of Saudi Arabia are jabbing at each other both politically and in terms of human rights violations in a new feud that has begun over the fact that Qatar feels slighted by Saudi Arabia because it was “caught holding the bag” in the determination by other nations that it funded terrorism in Syria.

It may sound confusing, but let me elucidate.  In the early stages of the Syria civil war, the United States entered the international war scene in Syria by the now-infamous Obama “red line in the sand.”  When Bashar al-Assad, leader of Syria, had begun attacking his own people who were rising up on behalf of ISIS, Obama made his threat that if Assad crossed this line by using chemical weapons on his own people, the US would have no choice but to act.

Well, Syria did engage its own people with chemical weapons and the United States…well, we did nothing.

At least, that is what was thought at the time.  Republicans made a lot of hay over the fact that Obama had been an inept leader who made empty threats and didn’t follow through with his promises.

Now, three sources have confirmed that not only did we actually do something about this crossed line, but we did something that was perhaps so heinous and so against Geneva Convention rules that it’s possible the Obama administration and our State Department under Hillary Clinton committed war crimes of unspeakable nature!

Read on the next page about new documents released and an interview with a Qatar official in-the-know who flat out points the finger to Saudi Arabia and the United States as having funded terrorism in Syria!



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