Putin’s “Favorite Chauffeur” Dies in Head-on Crash in Putin’s BMW

Paul Craig Roberts has had an extraordinary career in government, academia, and journalism. As the father of Reaganomics, his work has had a major impact on this country.  The remarkable candor found in his pieces on topics such as 9/11 and the risks the risks of WW III make his writing a worthwhile read.

About two years ago, Roberts proposed a theory that Vladimir Putin is in danger of assisination. Now we learn that:

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “favorite chauffeur” has died in a high speed, head-on crash, Moscow sources are reporting.

CCTV footage that caught the accident on Moscow’s Kutuzovsky Avenue this morning shows a Mercedes suddenly crossing to the wrong side of the street and violently crashing headlong into the BMW being driven by Putin’s driver.

Could the driver of the Mercedes have actually been on a suicide mission? After considering Roberts’ assertions, it’s not such a far-fetched idea. And could threats on the life of Putin be the reason for the following?

Russian authorities have already voiced a concern over the vehicles the Russian President is ferried around in and have ordered new Russian-made vehicles with heavy armor and bullet proof glass, according to The Sun newspaper.

Apparently Putin and those responsible for his security are taking these threats seriously. Is Roberts’ correct in his assertion that Putin’s life is in danger from those who are prepared to take him out as an obstacle to the interests of the current U.S. administration?

Hopefully not, since WWIII would certainly ruin my day.

Source:  Breitbart



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