Russia Declares Terrorism Brought Down Airliner, Putin Announces Plan For Retaliation

Russia has confirmed that the murderous Islamic group ISIS was responsible for the downing of a Russian passenger plane last month headed from Egypt to St. Petersburg, Russia.  The plane crashed into the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people on board.

Both U.S. and British intelligence previously indicated that the cause of the crash was terrorism, but Egypt initially denied the charges, claiming the reported cause of the crash was a Western conspiracy against Egypt to damage the country's critical tourism industry.

Egyptian officials have now conceded the crash was caused by a bomb and they detained 17 airport workers including baggage handlers and other ground crew members shortly after the head of the Russian security service confirmed that the downing of the plane was clearly a terrorist act.

Alexander Bortnikov, leader of Russian security service FSB, said that a homemade bomb blew up the plane shortly after takeoff, and traces of explosives were found in the crash debris. The bomb was equivalent to about two pounds of TNT, which is why the plane was scattered over such a wide area.

ISIS had previously claimed responsibility in web messages as well as written, audio and video messages. Such open and clear declarations by ISIS should ideally invite quick retribution, but that depends on who is responsible for meting out the appropriate punishment.

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