Putin: “We Should be Grateful to President Trump, in Moscow It’s Cold and Snowing”

In a surprising comparison that no doubt shocked listeners, Putin alleged that the outbreak of anti-Russia sentiment in the United States, particularly among Democrats, has become as prevalent as anti-Semitism.

Firmly stating that Hillary Clinton’s presidential defeat lies directly at her feet and the members of her party, Putin said, “It’s like saying everything is the Jews’ fault.”

This reminds me of anti-Semitism,” Putin said. “The Jews are to blame for everything. An idiot cannot do anything himself, so the Jews are to blame. But we know what such attitudes lead to. They end with nothing good.”

In his interview with Kelly, Putin dismissed questions regarding meetings between his U.S. ambassador Sergey Kislyak and members of the Trump campaign.

So our ambassador met someone. That’s his job. That’s why we pay him,” Putin said. “So what? What’s he supposed to do, hit up the bars?”

Putin displayed further annoyance when Kelly mentioned Russian foreign news coverage as spreading “disinformation.”

Let’s end this,” Putin told her. “You will feel better and we will feel better.”

The Russian president credited his American counterpart with running a more effective campaign than Mrs. Clinton, and accused U.S. intelligence agencies of faking evidence of Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee. He called allegations against Russia “harmful gossip.”

On a lighter note, he denied any official Russian effort to meddle in the American election, but joked that Russian “patriots” could have done something on their own.

Unlike other world leaders, Putin did not join in the dogpile on President Trump for his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. He said there is still time to reach a deal on the 2015 accord and noted he didn’t blame Trump for making his decision.

By the way, we should be grateful to President Trump. In Moscow it’s raining and cold and even, they say, some snow. Now we could blame this all on American imperialism, that it’s all their fault. But we won’t.”

Although Putin expressed hope that U.S. economic sanctions against Russia (because of the Crimea annexation) could be lifted soon, he noted some positive effects in that Russia had to rely less on petrodollars and more on technical innovation.

With his performance last week, the wily former KGB agent showed he’s becoming more skilled in public interactions and seems determined to carve out a leading role on the world stage.

At the same time, he displays a genuine respect for President Trump while showing total disdain for Hillary Clinton and the American media. Those among the U.S. warmonger class who dismiss him as a “thug” and “gangster” underestimate his growing ability to advance Russian interests internationally.

Donald Trump has a worthy adversary in Vladimir Putin and will need all his deal-making skills to forge a constructive relationship while putting America first.

Source: Zero Hedge





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