Puerto Rico Asks for $94 Billion in Hurricane Relief, Gives $100 Million to Government Employees as Christmas Bonuses

And so, for the third year in a row, our thoughtful and wise Congress [gag!] has decided that the Leftist politicians that dominate Puerto Rican seats of authority and all their ill-bred policies that steal from bondholders to give to the union cronies in a severely broken pension system, deserve to be saved once again using the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA).

While both Democrats and Republicans assure us that this is not a bailout bill, they are lying through their teeth.  The Democrats cannot help Puerto Rico anymore because of the runaway spending of a remote location that has little or no oversight in so far as fiscal responsibility is concerned and the Republicans are still reacting to the consultants from 2012 who said that we couldn’t win the presidency without the Hispanic vote.  Because they still buy into this disproven theory, they decided that a Puerto Rican bailout was the right thing to do.

With many issues that are incredible to see repeated year after year, we have a chance to see our Grand Old Party’s wisdom in full operation as the Puerto Rican officials beg for $94M this year from the feds, only to turn around and hand out a very generous “Christmas bonus” to government employees in excess of $100M!

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