Psycho Mom Attempts Sex Change Operation on Son in Burger King Bathroom

Some parents might hope for a boy or a girl, but end up getting the opposite of what they wanted. Regardless, they should still love and cherish the child. But, Laura Lambert obviously does not know this, as what she did to her young boy shows she has no compassion for him. According to Libertarian Republic:


“I told you not to wear that shirt! Pink, you were supposed to wear pink!” Eyewitnesses overheard the mom scolding her four-year-old son. She was seen swatting him and issuing threats.

According to Kimberly Wilson, a regular at the location, she overheard and observed several bizarre and alarming statements issued from the mother towards her son.“If you don’t stop acting like a boy, I’m going to take you into the bathroom and whoop your ass.”

Not long after, the mother grabbed her child by his “..long, beautiful hair…” and drug him into the bathroom. That’s when Kimberly acted, alarming the Burger King staff.

Not long after, screams began to ring out. After retrieving the key to the restroom, Tommy Robertson, the store’s manager, opened the door to unveil a truly horrifying scene. As Kimberly was quoted saying, “there was blood, just blood”

This scene comes straight out of a horror movie. What mother would do this to her child? While the recent positive media for transgender individuals might be liberating for some, the negative effects it has on children should be discussed.

Source: The Libertarian Republic



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