PSU Students Stage ‘Die-In’ to Protest Armed Police on Campus

America's college students are once again proving that the millions of taxpayer dollars spent on their education is yielding not the slightest amount of common sense.

Hundreds of students at Portland State University shut down traffic Tuesday while staging a die-in to protest the school’s armed public safety officers.

“So, I do believe I have mentioned the die-in before—what that entails is a lot of us who are abused so to say…we’re going to be laying down in the street outside so [the president] can see us so he knows what the Board of Trustees does to us, which is it kills us,” one protester explained.

“The police are a tool of capitalism to control people in the state they are—staying in slavery, staying in poverty wages, staying in ridiculous working conditions.”   

A video published by Vidmax shows nearly 200 students proceeding to lay down in the middle of traffic causing a backup in both directions.

“Whose streets? Our streets!” protesters shouted.

“Disarm PSU! Disarm PSU!” they continued.

The shutdown, though, was only the latest incident in Disarm PSU’s long history of protests dating back to 2014, when the group was formed in response to a Board of Trustees vote that brought armed campus police to campus.

Since then, the group has organized several protests, but the school has previously told Campus Reform that it will not give in to Disarm PSU’s demands by reversing the policy.

It's sad that a school must fight so hard just to have the right to protect the lives of its student population. Then again, the liberal higher education system in place in this country may have only itself to blame. They created these monsters, and now its their job to force them back to reality.

Source: Campus Reform




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