Psaki: Empty Shelves and Rising Prices are Due to “Increasing Demand”

“What people should know is inflation is going to come down next year, economists have said that, they're all projecting that,” she continued.

“Chief of Staff Ron Klain, back when he was a private citizen, went after the Trump White House for efforts to dismiss price rises,” Tapper continued. “Why did Ron Klain think rising prices were a serious concern under Trump but not under Biden?”

“I can tell you from sitting in meetings with Ron Klain, he is obsessed with lowering costs for the American people,” Psaki responded.

You can watch the full exchange here:

“Sounds familiar. When I grew up in the Soviet Union, the Politburo was telling that all day long.” – one comment in reaction to Psaki's ‘historical' reasoning.

If it's one thing we certainly have over communist takeover in the past, it's greater communication channels and plenty of history to observe these patterns of totalitarianism as they emerge. Will America rise? When is enough, enough?

Source: Zerohedge


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