Proposed Mass. Law: Two Years in Prison for Having Secret Car Compartment

If you live in Massachusetts, don’t labor under the misconception that you own your vehicle, or a boat or plane. Under a bill sponsored by a Democrat legislator, the Commonwealth would forbid you from adding a hidden compartment to secure your private property, such as a handgun, money or other valuables.

Designed as an alleged anti-drug law, the bill would punish those who add a hidden compartment after the vehicle is purchased with a two-year mandatory prison sentence, and five years for subsequent offenses.

Even worse, the law would empower police to seize the vehicle under civil forfeiture law. Lawmakers in support of the House bill claim it’s necessary to prosecute the war on drugs. State police officials have endorsed the bill as needed to discourage drug trafficking.

Learn how the bill lessens the burden of proof on the Commonwealth and effectively guts the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that protects citizens from unlawful searches and seizures. The disturbing details can be found on the next page.NEXT PAGE »



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