Prominent Law Prof: ‘State Should Take Over the Legal Parental Role of Children’

If you see someone punching a child, is it your problem? Is it better to let 1 child slip through the cracks rather than allow a government agency with the potential for great abuse to gain a stronghold? These are the questions plaguing parents of homeschooled children around the nation in response to Professor James G. Dwyer’s remarks to syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin.

Professor Dwyer teaches at the oldest law school in America and it is his belief that parents don’t have ultimate authority over their children.

Dwyer is considered by the left to be a prolific writer and unparalleled expert on the subject of children’s rights. Yet, for a man teaching law at the College of William and Mary, a program the writer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson himself helped founded, his views sure stand in complete opposition to the founding fathers who crafted our country to reflect God and family values.

Professor Dwyer is preparing his legal argument for why the state should stop recognizing parents as the legal guardians of children.

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