Programmer Testifies Under Oath To Being Hired To Rig Elections

Programmer Testifies Under Oath To Being Hired To Rig Elections

The presidential election this year is a high-stakes operation, with a five-way break among ideologies. On the Democrats side, Bernie Sanders is a socialist populist, against big business and for destroying the economy of the United States. He may not say that, but his policies ensure it. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat establishment candidate that plans on milking big business and Wall Street for all they're worth in exchange for tons of special favors and cash.

Marco Rubio is the Republican establishment candidate who promises the fat cat Republican politicians steady employment and business as usual. Ted Cruz is the stern conservative evangelical who will bring this country to heel. And Donald Trump is the unpredictable populist who is promising things that are not his to give, but which sound quite enticing to a weary and demoralized middle America.

Each of these candidates desperately want to win, and each is willing to steal the election in whatever way is possible. That includes rigging the primaries, caucuses, and the ultimate election. Unfortunately, that is where we are, and although it is a shocking reality, the people are not shocked to find out that the fix is in. In fact, there is a video on page two of a computer technician telling Congress how it is done.

See video proving fraud, page 2:




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