Professor Calls Cops On Disabled Veteran Over Blog Post

What has happened to our educational system that a college professor can call security on a student over a blog post, much less give them a failing grade simply because they voice an opinion differing from the professor’s? It’s become hopelessly biased, that’s what. Left-wing thought is so taken for granted that legitimate dissent is treated as dangerous, necessitating the abridgement of dissenters’ rights and their forcible removal, as Dr. Garza did with the disabled vet in her class.

“The professor then asked the department chair to have the student removed from the class and to provide police/security to protect the professor. There is no official complaint from the professor or a conduct case against the student. However, the student has lost his military education benefits because of the professors’ actions.

As evidence, the professor cited their course syllabus’s ‘Note on Civility.’ Which states, ‘It is understood that students will reflect a range of perspectives. Students are asked to listen carefully and express ‘ideas with reason, clarity, and compassion.” In addition, ‘student conduct that disrupts the learning process will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action and/or removal from class.’

The Dean has since issued a no contact order to the student veteran. The student has been barred from the communications department and cannot talk to any other students in the department or in his class.

‘My unjustified removal is evidence of her attitude towards disabled-veteran students with differing ‘insights,’ and aligns with the definition of teacher student abuse.’ said the student in response to the professor’s actions. ‘This is evidence of her attitude towards disabled-veteran students, trying to succeed with limitations.'”

Source: Hypeline

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