Prof at University of Chicago: Kill All Babies with Birth Defects

Prof at University of Chicago: Kill All Babies with Birth Defects

When your culture begins to hold human life to be cheap, know that your days are numbered. This is not to imply that thunderbolts will immediately issue forth from the heavens, or whatever your concept of divine judgment might be. The decline might just take the form of an increasingly agonizing and miserable state of existence as the natural consequences of devaluing human life slowly rot the culture from the inside out.

We've dealt with the abortion issue for decades, and thanks to the hard work from those on the left and a compliant Supreme Court, abortion with very few restrictions is a moral scourge that infests our land. Just to consider the catastrophe from one narrow perspective, who knows what talents were snuffed out by abortion? Perhaps the person who could have cured some disease or otherwise benefited humanity was killed in the womb.

Yet abortion remains a litmus test for those who wish to be numbered among the liberals in this country, and some have gone so far as to suggest that adopting a pro-life stand should disqualify one from identifying as a Democrat or holding office as such.

In a demonstration of the inevitable decline we are experiencing and will continue to experience from legalized abortion, we now have serious scholars seriously proposing that infants be killed shortly after birth if they have profound birth defects. More on this on page two.




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